Accelerating the adoption of blockchain technology

  • Identifying and assisting projects with use-cases.
  • Bridging the gap among different demographics in comprehension of technological concepts.
  • Crafting stories that resonate with retail investors in various regions.

Developing fundraising models through tokenization

  • Direct access to retail investors by removing costly and inefficient intermediary steps.
  • Implementing some aspects of traditional VC valuation models to make projects successful.
  • Refining the sales channel.

Providing access to actionable data at scale

  • Crypto assets have become financial products, access to data will help even the playing field.
  • Significant opportunities exist in applying actionable data in new industries and developing regions.
  • Analyzing data is difficult for most people; data needs to be delivered in simple ways.

Thinking Long-term.

We’re seeking partners to create a healthy ecosystem with a shared vision in for collaboration in research and product development.

Founding Team

Aaron Sohn

Founding partner

At age 21, he co-founded KBS Kwave which partnered with KBS and Korea Ministry of Affairs to license and distribute K-Pop contents globally as well as securing $3MM in investments. His interest in crypto assets began years ago during his volunteer trips in developing countries.

Peter Jung


As the head of user acquisition at Lucky Day, he managed an ad budget of $25MM resulting in 1.6x ROAS across 7 acquisition channels to lead the app to become #1 on Android and #2 on iOS. As a graduate of USC Marshall School of Business who was born in Mexico, he is fluent in English, Spanish and Korean.

Hanley Rice

Founding Partner

A creative thinker who can simplify complex concepts. Her background is in co-founding IdeaSpark LLC, a UI/UX consulting company, as well as teaching. As a mother of two, she holds a B.A. from University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill and a Masters from Harvard Extension School.

Jae Kim

Data Scientist

He holds a masters' degree in Computer Software Engineering. While pursing his degree, he developed numerous algorithms and bots. Most notably, he developed a stock market prediction model which was acquired by a major asset management firm.