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Coinbase Ventures


Coinbase Ventures currently has 41 projects under its portfolio.

• The evaluation criteria is summarized in their Digital Asset Framework – it’s pretty short!
• Coinbase Ventures’ investments are focused on Lending, Staking, Platform, Data, Scalability (Mass Adoption), Collectibles Marketplace and Payment and most were based on Ethereum.

 OpenSea is the world’s largest digital marketplace for crypto collectibles : Marketplace + Collectible
Dharma is a place to borrow and lend cryptocurrency Lending
Compound is a protocol for Ethereum money markets : Staking
Etherscan is THE Ethereum block explorer : Ethereum + Network Explorer + API
Celo is a platform for fast, secure, stable digital payments : Mobile App + Stablecoin + Open-source Platform + P2P Payments and Lending
TruStory brings authenticity into the digital and decentralized world : Reputation + Identity + Social Network
Elph is an Ethereum dApp store and browser : Browser + Ethereum + dApp store
• Reserve is the world’s digital reserve currency : Stablecoin + Payment
• Rare Bits is a marketplace to buy, sell,  and discover unique crypto assets : Marketplace + Collectibles 
• Relevant is a social platform that provides curation incentives for cultivating the digital commons : Reputation + Identity + Social Media + News
• Spacemesh is a  fairly distributed, permission-free, and open source cryptocurrency easy programming : Open Source + Low Barrier to Entry
• Fuel Games is a scalable blockchain infrastructure for world class video games  and collectibles marketplace : Gaming + Collectibles + Marketplace
• Unblock Protocol is a content creator monetization protocol : Content + Ethereum + Open-source
• R.A.R.E. is a marketplace to buy and sell authentic rare digital art : Marketplace + Collectible
• Token Daily is a news curation site to discover and discuss the latest in crypto and blockchain : News
• Horizon Games is a community-driven gaming platform that belongs to its players : Gaming + Platform
 Public Market is a protocol for marketplace e-commerce : Marketplace
• Coinmine builds mining hardware that is very quiet and comes with software updates : Mining + Hardware
• Abacus – Identity and compliance for tokenized securities : Compliance + Platform + Security
• Terminal is the platform to manage Web 3 protocols and dApps; currently under stealth mode : Platform
• RealtyBits is simplifying real estate investing : Real State + Security
• Securitize is a compliance platform for digitalizing securities on the blockchain : Security + Platform
 Starkware is bringing knowledge proofs to a blockchain near you : Scalability + Privacy
• The Block simplifies crypto for you : News
• Nomics provides enterprise grade market data and APIs for institutional and crypto investors : API + Market Data (News)
• UMA is a decentralized platform built to enable Universal Market Access : Financial Derivates + Platform
• Gauntlet provides simulation and simulation platform for crypto networks : Plat Development Testing Platform
• Alchemy is the world’s leading blockchain development platform : Platform + Ethereum
• Bitski is an SDK for usable, single sign-on wallets secured in hardware : Mass Adoption
• Cadence is a securitization platform unlocking exposure to alternative asset classes : Staking + Finance
• Staked allows you to compound your cryptocurrency through staking and lending : Staking + Lending
• Flipside is a platform for measuring cryptocurrency project health : API + Market Data (News)
• Torus provides frictionless log-ins for Decentralized Apps by integrating social identities already in use : Identity + Mass Adoption
• Bloqboard is a lending and tokenized debt origination platform : Lending
• Textile is an open and programmable platform to build apps with decentralized data : UI + Platform
• Matic is working on scaling blockchains for mass adoption : Scalability (Mass Adoption) + Transaction
• NEAR is a scalable and developer-friendly blockchain powering the new open web : Mass Adoption + Development Platform
• Pinata is the easiest way to use IPFS to store data : Ethereum + Data Storage + Mass Adoption
• Commonwealth is a multi-chain governance interface. It is currently engaged in the development of Edgeware : Governance
• Certora is a leading smart contract security platform : Mass Adoption + Development Platform
• TokenSoft is a leading digital asset issuance and management platform : Compliance + Issuance Platform


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