We're ready to fail with you

Our project selection criteria

We plan for success but we are also prepared to fail.

This thinking summarizes our project selection criteria
1) It means we have to be more careful in selecting whom we work with.
2) It means we will choose projects that we really believe in.
3) It means our visions and incentives will be aligned.
4) It means we will choose quality over quantity.
5) It means we will have fun working together.
6) It means we will have to be dedicated.
7) It means we will be prepared to weather out the storms.

Some of the questions we ask ourselves
1) Do the founders really believe in their idea and have a clear vision?
i.e. Stand for something. Something good, hopefully.

2) Does it make sense to us? If not, can the founders make us understand?
 i.e. We think true innovation might be something that we might be able to comprehend, but we are willing to let them go.
If we cannot understand it, we are of no use to you.

3) What is the background of the team and why are they doing this?i.e. Understanding their motivations to see how they will act if things become difficult.

4) Can they make the technology work?
e.g. If your business is based on technology, outsourcing is not an option.

5) Does it fit into a missing piece in the ecosystem?
e.g. Imagining what the market will look like in 2~3 years.

6) Are they willing to make difficult but necessary decisions?
Letting people go (including us) that do not fit the culture and vision of the team.

7) Do they think long term?
e.g. Most startups kill themselves by giving into shortsighted temptations.

8) No matter the outcome, will we be proud to have worked with them in the end?
e.g. Obama Out describes it.

Are you working on something interesting?
Talk to us, we like hearing new things and learning from them.
Should we decide to work together, let’s enjoy the ride.