where blockchain tech goes mainstream

End-users are our only concern.

Don't talk in codes, share stories.

Stories are easy, fun and leave you wanting for more - we're working on best ways to turn data, information and your project into stories.

We make data understandable

We’re developing a process of providing transparent, accurate and intuitive data on crypto assets for retail investors. (Beta)

We help quality projects

Strategic management, reputation management, marketing and other go-to market help for projects that we believe in.

we empower developers

Outreach, meet-ups and training in order to empower & incentivize developers to create a healthy ecosystem.

Our Founding Team

Gathered for a simple mission to deliver real ROI.

Aaron Sohn

Founding partner

At age 21, he co-founded KBS Kwave which partnered with KBS and Korea Ministry of Affairs to license and distribute K-Pop contents globally as well as securing $3MM in investments. His interest in crypto assets began years ago during his volunteer trips in developing countries.

Peter Jung


As the head of user acquisition at Lucky Day, he managed an ad budget of $25MM resulting in 1.6x ROAS across 7 acquisition channels to lead the app to become #1 on Android and #2 on iOS. As a graduate of USC Marshall School of Business who was born in Mexico, he is fluent in English, Spanish and Korean.

Hanley Rice

Founding Partner

A creative thinker who can simplify complex concepts. Her background is in co-founding IdeaSpark LLC, a UI/UX consulting company, as well as teaching. As a mother of two, she holds a B.A. from University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill and a Masters from Harvard Extension School.

Jae Kim

Data Scientist

He holds a masters' degree in Computer Software Engineering. While pursing his degree, he developed numerous algorithms and bots. Most notably, he developed a stock market prediction model which was acquired by a major asset management firm.

Strategize. Localize. Accelerate.

Data Analytics & PNL are important for us.

Localization Strategy

Avoid costly mistakes when entering a new market. We identify potential risks and opportunities such as the information flow, marketing channel, sales funnels and local sentiments and partnerships to guide you.


We don't simply pay for ads; we simplify and spread your message through various channels, including our influencer network of bloggers, Telegram channels and content producers. Make yourself known.

Reputation Management

When the world can trade your tokens 24/7, bad reputation can end your business overnight. We take preventive measures such as PR and web presence management as well as crisis management.

Language Services

Language is the face of your business online and it should be guarded carefully. Business plans should be translated by experienced professionals. Our stringent quality assurance system does not allow mistakes.

Listing Assistance

Choose exchanges that fit your needs based our data on the exchanges' demographics, liquidity and volume. Exchanges have their own procedures regarding ICOs and IEOs. Choose the right exchange for your project.

Developers Outreach

You need developers to create on your platform or to manage your social metrics. Either provide them with on-site lessons or host meet-ups with developers through our partners.